Santa Cruz Decides To Go Back To Olimpia Club

Santa Cruz of Paraguay would be returning to the Olimpia club where he started off the first time. His career can be termed as a much traveled one.

Being a striker, Roque Santa Cruz would be closing his career by getting him to Paraguay and being part of Olimpia. The team is based out of Asuncion. The player who is about 34 years of age is known to be top scorer for Paraguay. He has been in 111 international games and achieved about 32 games. He joined Olimpia after having played in Malaga. He had been given on loan from Cruz Azul which is a club of the first division in Mexico.

On social media the club owners welcomed him back with encouraging notes. Indeed, he has also won Copa Libertadores three times. He had left the first club in 1999 when he had been chosen for Bayern Munich. He stayed with the club till 2007. He then moved to clubs like Blackburn Rovers, Real Betis, Manchester City and others like the last clubs mentioned above.

The Paraguay captain of former times had played and represented the country in three World Cups between the periods 2002 to 2010. The recent Copa America did not see him participate as part of the country’s squad as he had suffered a knee ligament injury. Indeed, his decision to return to the club he originated from being common with other players as well. Indeed, it is a great feat when players of international fame decide to bring back their knowledge and experience to the club where they develop their playing skills initially. It definitely helps in the progress of the club and to help them get justified returns from the time and effort that is invested in building players for tomorrow.

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