Roque Santa Cruz’s Wife Surprised Journalist

Sports journalist Julio Caballero became the viral figure of the last hours, with the note he made to Roque Santa Cruz’s wife, Gisselle Tavarelli, whom he confused with one more fan who went to see his team and that, just, was a fan of the idol fringed. Of course, for that confusion to happen, she followed him with pious lies.

Less than 24 hours after what happened, we talked yesterday with Julio. “Since I never talked to her personally, I didn’t recognize her. Even several times I went to his house to make a note to Roque, but I did not get to cross with her. It happens that she is not a very exposed lady, well-known media, “said Julio, who came to make a note to who he thought was one more lady.

Julio Caballero, journalist asked her age and when asked her name she said “Gisel”, although he did not catch that it was the wife of the Olympic athlete. “Are you his namesake?” He’s again the sports journalist.

  • When did you realize that he was not really a Roque fan but his wife?
  • I noticed the moment Roque approaches, he also follows the current and laughs, but he says: “He is my wife”.
  • At some point in the note, before Roque approached, did you suspect that he could actually be his wife and not a fan?

As our notes are different, we look for entertainment, good vibes, fun, I called him to come and give his fans a kiss on the cheek. He listened to me and came. And gave him a kiss that was half pinquito, Gisselle said it was on the cheek. But I saw a little pique and it already jumped in my head that, in fact, I was making a note to the wife. What he confirmed when Roque told me “he is my wife”. But I followed the note to finish, to give it a close. She later left with Roque and there I followed him and asked him if I screwed up. “It seems so,” he told me.

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