Roque Santa Cruz’s Big Plans

No doubt, Roque Santa Cruz is the most important reference of Olympia. As a matter of fact, his great football moment has been converted into a positive result for the team. The Franjeado had been at the gates of Bicampeonato. Moreover, this Wednesday against Guarani he had been able to acquire the title of Clausura in what is going to be a prelude to the Paraguay Cup finals against the same opponent on Wednesday.

Roque is known to have confessed that they are calm but want to conquer the 2 titles which Dean might be able to win. He states that they want to keep on winning and remain in the history of the club. As a matter of fact, he has stressed on the moment of glory which Olimpia was enjoying, there had also been frustrations which exceeded on reaching this. He claims that they have had its difficult moment. They have been empty-handed and it is now time to win the titles.

The 37-year-old striker is known to have acknowledged that he is going to have the best physical moment while returning to play with Olympia and who encourages him for what is going to happen in 2019. According to him, the Copa Libertadores next year is going to challenge and they are going to face it in the best possible manner.

Officially, it is the best year for the striker’s career in regards to effectiveness till the commitment of Copa Paraguay; the better number registered in the year 2007 that will play for Blackburn Rovers of England. The appearance of Roque and his influence with 2 goals with Olympian access to the tournament have caused a furor among the fans. The affection for the striker has exploded in the social network and the official accounts of the club.

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