Roque Santa Cruz will continue performing for Olimpia Asuncion

At the age of 35, Roque Santa Cruz appears to not have any plans of hanging up his boots anytime soon as the Paraguayan player is currently performing for Olimpia Asuncion and he has recently stated his intentions to keep on playing with the club despite speculation that was surrounding his future of retiring.

The Paraguayan attacker revealed his near-future plans as he talked during a press conference and said: ‘’ I will be making the pre-season with the team in order to be in a better physical form and that it’s going to help me make more appearances in the upcoming campaign. I have a huge desire to continue performing with Olimpia Asuncion and be a champion with them before I hang up my boots’’

Roque Santa Cruz performed with Olimpia Asuncion back in 1999 when he was a youngster but he failed to win any titles with the Paraguayan club and now he is reaching the final stages of his career, Santa Cruz is attempting to do it before deciding to retire.

Even though Santa Cruz is still eager to continue performing with his club for at least 1 more year, the Paraguayan attacker does feel the toll that comes with aging as he retired from performing at the international scene as Cruz only wants to focus the remaining years of his career with OlimpiaAsuncion.

The last performance that Santa Cruz made for Paraguay was on November 10 of 2016 as they faced off with Peru in a 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup Qualifiers and it was a very difficult for him to make, especially taking into consideration the fact that he has made over 100 appearances for Paraguay and he is the all-time leading goal-scorer.

Despite the impact and importance that Santa Cruz has made with the Paraguayan national side, he opted to retire as it was a decision that the veteran player had to take in a point in time.

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