Paraguay’s Roque Santa Cruz is not in need of a surgery

Roque Santa Cruz recently sustained a hamstring injury during Paraguay’s 6-1 defeat when playing against Argentina which made him unable to play in the play-off match of the Copa America which would decide what team was going to secure the 3rd spot. During this 3rd place play-off match, Paraguay faced off with Peru and ultimately lost 2-0.

Fans of the Paraguayan national team and of the former Manchester City player Roque Santa Cruz were in doubt of just how serious the hamstring injury of the veteran player was and he stepped up to the media and said that it isn’t as bad as initially believed and this injury will not require any type of surgery or anything of that nature.

Roque Santa Cruz said: ‘’ I am fine, I will be starting my vacations soon but my vacations will be in rehabilitation. I only have a muscular problem and don’t need to have a surgery, it’s only a small tear on my thigh, studies have already been done in Cruz Azul and those were the results after it was analyzed by the medical team’’

During the third place play-off match that was disputed between Paraguay and Peru, the match resulted in a 2-0 victory for Peru with Andre Martin Carrillo and Paolo Guerrero scoring both goals for the Peruvian team in the 2nd half of the match.

Paraguay had to cope with the absence of Roque Santa Cruz aswell as Derlis Gonzalez as both players were recovering from injuries and they couldn’t do anything else other than what their national side fall in the hands of Peru.

The Paraguayan forward Roque Santa Cruz has had a very extensive playing career where he managed to perform in some of the biggest clubs in the world including: Bayern Munich and Manchester City, even at his 33 years of age, he still continues playing not only for his club but also for his country.

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