Roque Santa Cruz has said that he doesn’t want to stay with Manchester City any more. He said that playing for Manchester City hasn’t been a good experience for him and he wants to make a move in his career now. Roque hasn’t been given much opportunity to play for Manchester City and in the last two seasons, he played for Blackburn Rovers and Real Betis on a loan. Meanwhile, there have been reports that Manchester city also wants to release Santa Cruz this summer. According to the reports, Roberto Mancini, the manager of Manchester City, has been asked by the authorities of the club to release some payers and Santa Cruz might be the one to be released.

Roque Santa Cruz was brought to Manchester City by Mark Hughes, who was the manager of Manchester City at that time. Till Mark Hughes was the manager of Manchester City, everything was going all right for Santa Cruz and he was given regular opportunities to play. But, after the exit of Mark Hughes from the club, Santa Cruz had to struggle to find a place in the team. After the appointment of Roberto mancini as manager, Santa Cruz had been sidelined. Mark Hughes is the manager of Queens Park Rangers at the moment. There have been reports that Mark Hughes is interested in signing Santa Cruz again.

On being asked about Mark Hughes, Santa Cruz said that Mark is a wonderful manager and a very open hearted person. As per Santa Cruz, he has worked with Mark Hughes before and he has learnt quite a lot of things from him. He respects mark Hughes a lot. But, at the same time, he said that there has not been any conversation between him and Mark Hughes about the new contract.

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