The Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean has said that he is not completely aware of the new signings made by the club in the final few days of the transfer window. Blackburn Rovers have been one of the big spending clubs in the Championship this season. Despite their relegation from the Premier league, the club has been quite active in the transfer window bringing in several players and reducing the age of the squad. The future of the manager Steve Kean has been in doubt for quite a while now, but he has refused to be drawn into the speculation of his future.

Among the major signings made by the club in the transfer window are the players like Grzegorz Sandomierski, Diogo Rosado, and Nuno Henrique. The manager has revealed that these players have been signed on the basis of the advice received from the new global advisor Shebby Singh. Shebby Singh was recently criticised for his public comments about the manager and the long-term player Morten Gamst Pedersen. However, he is thought to have played a key role in bringing these players to the club. Kean admitted that he has to take a look at them only during training.

“They’re in the club now and we can have a real look at them. I’ve not seen them play live. Shebby Singh was very excited about them coming here and was telling me how good they were. We feel as though we can improve any player that comes to the club and also integrate them as quickly as possible. Shebby went to see Nuno Henrique play for Academica on the Friday before we played Leicester and told me he played very well,” said Steve Kean in a recent interview. Blackburn have made a good start to the new season.

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