After dissapointing with Cruz Azul, Santa Cruz returns to Malaga

Roque Santa Cruz is hoping that his recent underwhelming spell with Cruz Azul will be forgotten as the Paraguayan attacker signed a 2 year long contract with Cruz Azul for a fee of €2 million per year and Santa Cruz also became the highest paid player in the entire Mexican League after agreeing a salary where he was going to earn around USD$200.000 each month.

Unfortunately for Cruz Azul, the player that they spent so much cash in didn’t manage to live up to his salary as the Paraguayan sustained an injury which kept him out of the playing grounds for a long period of time and his contract with the Mexican club ended sooner than initially expected.

Despite having signed a 2 year long contract with Cruz Azul, the time that Santa Cruz spent in the club didn’t even reach 1 year as he would later go on making a return to Malaga.

After Santa Cruz officially completed his return to Santa Cruz, the 34 year old Paraguayan attacker went on saying that retiring with them was always on his plan; it was what he wanted to do and had planned on doing for a long time.

Santa Cruz revealed his happiness in returning to Santa Cruz as he said:”It’s always important my family feels comfortable. My children have their friends and so does my wife. Malaga as a place has charm, and it’s good for the children to live. Then there’s the sporting factor. I spoke to my friends here and I longed to share their experiences. I watched two matches on television. I saw how the stadium was against Sevilla and to come back here is a dream. I feel very honored to be here and to receive this affection. I’m grateful for this opportunity. This is my home.”

The Paraguayan player is considered to be as one of the worst signings that the Mexican club Cruz Azul has ever done in their history. The amount of money they spent in signing Santa Cruz was just too much for the small amount of matches that he actually get to play before eventually getting injured and offloaded back to Malaga.

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