The manager of Malaga FC, Bernd Schuster, has said that he had expected his side to play a bit more aggressively in the last match against Real Madrid. Malaga lost that match by 0-2 and moved down to no. 13 in the points table. It was their 4th league defeat this season. They have got just 9 points in 9 matches.

In the game against Madrid, one of the Malaga players put up a high class performance. It’s their goal keeper Willy Caballero. He was just magnificent throughout the game and Schuster hailed him in the post match press conference.

The Malaga boss said, “Willy had been brilliant for us in the last season as well and he has carried on the same form.”

“People generally give all the credit to the guys who score goals. The goalkeepers don’t get praised often enough. But, they are the ones who save you a number of times.”

When asked about the overall performance of his side, Schuster said, “Bernabeu is not an easy place to come and win games. You need to play very well to beat Madrid here and we couldn’t do that today. We were lacking aggression. We didn’t attack enough.”

“Madrid looked in control all the time. We couldn’t get them out of their comfort zone.”

When asked about the improved performance by the Madrid defenders, Schuster said, “It is hard for me to say anything about that because I think we didn’t test their defense.”

Some pundits were of the opinion that Malaga should have played with an extra midfielder rather than going with a couple of men upfront, but, Schuster didn’t agree to them. According to him, going with two strikers was the right ploy.

Malaga’s next match is against Celta Vigo. That match will be played at La Rosaleda on Saturday.

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