Garnero Speaks After The Club’s Triumph

Daniel Garnero, the Olimpia Club coach recently spoke post the club’s victory against Bolivar. He felt the team needs improvement and acknowledged the same openness and also said that small improvements will surely help to achieve victory in official competitions. In addition to Garnero, Roque Santa Cruz also mentioned about the difficulties he faced in the game and how he tried to work upon it.

After the club Olimpia’s triumph with Bolivar, Garnero tried to assess the performance of these players and said that they are not moving with the right pace. He said that the past two weeks have been hectic and the court was not that great which does cost them and there is no scope of imposing it their way. Olimpia is the dominator of the sport which had best situations; the coach did indicate the same to everyone. He passed a comment that the team does lack a few basic things, but they have 10 days before the competitions to buck up. Looking at the fans of the Olimpia Club, Garnero said it’s good to make an entry to the field and thank them as players truly need and appreciate this kind of gesture to feel inspired.

Roque Santa Cruz did open the path of success against the Bolivians and towards the end of the game this is what he had to say, “We are overjoyed with the victory and it was the first game of the pre-season which was played pretty well especially considering the condition of the court”. The main difficulty as per the player was the field as both teams wanted to play, which worsen the condition of the field. However, he said they would get better as they play. The skilled attacker also said that there is a great sensation from the people, which works advantageous for the team to play better and better.

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